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I just love going with a group of guys every year. It's an awesome play on and off the course.

Chuck Straub, Roanoke, Va. on Nov, 03 2015
Myrtle Beach is a great place for buddies trips! I have played over 30 of their courses and it's amazing. The people are nice, polite and helpful. The courses range in toughness and make for a great competition! I come back every year!

Chris, Pittsburgh, PA on Nov, 03 2015
Great courses + Great people = Great fun! Love it there.

Dale, Hillsborough, NC on Nov, 03 2015
Favorite golf destination.. Can't wait to play in Myrtle again.

Eddie, Hubbard, Ohio on Nov, 03 2015
I started going to MB in 2003 with two Golfers as of last year 2014 my Golf group is 16 Golfers the Favorite Golf course of the group is MBN king thank you for great times in Myrtle Beach geocgeo

Geocgeo, chicago on May, 15 2015
Looking forward to our trip in 2 weeks! Wouldn't miss it - every single year for 7 years now! Love to come back to Myrtle!!!

Paul, New Haven, CT on Sep, 24 2014
Unbelievable golf....so great I moved there...Bye Bye Syracuse....Hello Paradise

Duane, Little River Sc on Aug, 26 2014
Our group has been coming to Myrtle Beach since 1992...stayed in many different hotels ( some are gone, i.e. Bar Harbor ) and played so many courses, all terrific! We hope to return this winter!

Tim T., Auburn Hills, Mi on Aug, 11 2014
My family and I love to come down to myrtle beach. We the the atmosphere, the food, and most of all the golf!

Steven Scarce, Eaton, OH on Jul, 31 2014
I've been going to myrtle beach for 15 years. Some of the best times golfing with my dad. With so many courses, there is no shortage of discovering new courses each time I visit.

Stephen, Louisville, KY on Jul, 30 2014
I've played probably 20 courses in MB, and I love going back to find more!

Chris, Greenbow, AL on Jun, 18 2014
I've been 3 times since 2007, and the golf is great without being stuffy. Fun for golf and fun for after golf!

Daniel, Columbus, OH on Mar, 31 2014
Oh Yea!

Thomas , SC on Feb, 28 2014
A good place for a vacation

Juanita , SC on Feb, 28 2014
Great golf

Andrew , SC on Feb, 28 2014
Great deals, great courses!

Joel , SC on Feb, 28 2014
great place to play! Lots of great courses to choose from.

Bruce, SC on Feb, 28 2014
great place to visit

John , SC on Feb, 28 2014
Awesome courses, great weather. Packaged with hotel is grea deal.

Jerry , SC on Feb, 28 2014
They were extremely helpful when I was planning my Myrtle Beach Golf vacation.

Annette , SC on Feb, 28 2014
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