Golf on an Island: Man O’ War’s 9th Hole

August 7, 2017

The 9th fairway at Man O' War Golf Club in Myrtle Beach, S.C.Did I mention there is no pine straw on the property and every inch of land is maintained? 

Your first impulse might be to assume the water is an overwhelming presence and you’d prefer not to leave eight balls behind. If that’s the case, your impulse in incorrect.

Despite water always being in your line of sight, Man O’ War’s fairways and greens are as big as any along the Grand Strand. Shots that find water are the sort that will find trouble on any course in America. 

Our Myrtle Beach golf hole of the week is the perfect encapsulation of the unforgettable Man O’ War Golf Club experience. 



No. 9 – Man O’ War Golf Club
Yardage: 433 yards (championship tees), 408 yards (regular tees), 383 yards (senior tees), 336 yards (ladies tees)
Handicap: 7

The ninth is, in effect, an island hole. From tee to green, it is surrounded by water, which can be intimidating, especially off the tee, but what you need to know is this: the landing area is 100 yards wide. 

That’s not a typo, it’s 100 YARDS WIDE! 

You have sufficient margin for error. What makes the ninth hole tough is its length – 408 yards from the regular tees – and the fact the prevailing breeze is often in your face. 

The light bulb-shaped green is very wide up front, making it accessible, and there is even room to run the ball up, so there are multiple paths to success. 

The ninth hole is emblematic of the Man O’ War experience. It’s scenic, challenging in a unique way, and oh-so-fun to play.