Hell’s Half Acre Promises Plenty of Fun at Moorland Course

September 22, 2017

Sometimes reputation and reality never intersect. Moorland is home to some of the Myrtle Beach area’s largest fairways and greens (the 18th is 63 yards deep!), but the layout isn’t overwhelmingly difficult. 

Those wide fairways allow players ample of latitude off the tee. The greens present a large target, but the challenge lies in hitting the right spot because they are among the area’s most undulating. 

Talk of Moorland often centers around size, but the only outsized part of our Myrtle Beach Golf Hole of the Week is the fun. 



No. 16 – Moorland Course at Legends Resort
Yardage: 270 yards (blue tees), 223 yards (white), 202 yards (green), 186 yards (red)
Handicap: 12

There is a strong argument to be made that this is Myrtle Beach’s best short par 4, if for no other reason than it’s by far the most reachable. The hole, known as “Hell’s Half Acre,” is only 223 yards from the white tees, meaning most players will have a chance to get lucky. 

The conservative among us will note the five pot bunkers that surround the green, the gnarly, native grasses that fill a swale, and talk about the virtues of playing smart golf. A 9-iron and a wedge would comfortably get you on the green with a two-putt for par or possibly birdie. 

For the record, anyone talking that way is absolutely right. But they are so wrong.

A lot of courses have short par 4s, very few are really reachable for the average golfer. At 223 yards, Hell’s Half Acre is there for the taking. Sure, you probably won’t hit the green, but a golf trip isn’t always about playing smart. 

Pull out your driver (or 3-wood for you long hitters) and take a crack. The dream of an eagle putt is worth the risk of a big number.