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Local’s View: 5 Best Restaurants to Visit in Myrtle Beach

February 02, 2017 by Chris King

Food won’t typically make or break a golf trip, but no one has ever complained about a good meal.  

With the number of choices Myrtle Beach offers, finding the best of the best can be a daunting task, but here is a look at one local’s five favorite restaurants in Myrtle Beach.


  1. New York Prime Myrtle Beach SC

    The number of excellent steakhouses in the area has surged in recent years, but New York Prime remains the king. If a piece of barely cooked bovine is what you want for dinner, this is where you go.  A great atmosphere and a quality menu, from appetizers to the wine list, make New York Prime Myrtle Beach’s preeminent restaurant.
  2. Aspen Grille can make a claim to being the area's best restaurant, especially if you like seared New Bedford scallops over mushroom risotto. The menu is diverse and often features locally caught seafood. Everything is outstanding, and if Aspen is serving its signature Myrtle Beach martini (it's a seasonal drink), you have to order it. 
  3. The area’s coolest restaurant is Collector’s Café, which doubles as a working art gallery. The food is outstanding (try the scallop cake), the atmosphere eclectic, and the clientele attractive.
  4. A trip to Myrtle Beach means a trip to the ocean and it should also include a meal at Sea Captain’s House, which overlooks the Atlantic. The view is beautiful and the food is almost as good. Whether you want breakfast, lunch or dinner, Sea Captain’s is near the top of any list.
  5. Located in the heart of town, Sun City Café is almost impossible to find by accident, but it’s worth taking the trouble to find. Sun City, which serves Mexican food, makes everything to order, including delicious burritos filled with mashed potatoes and the meat of your choice. Sun City is the best restaurant no one has ever heard of.


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