Mike Swanson Wins Golf For a Year in Myrtle Beach

October 5, 2011

Winner of the Myrtle Beach Golf for a Year Sweepstakes Mike Swanson never anticipated comparing schedules with PGA Tour star and Myrtle Beach golf spokesman Dustin Johnson would be part of his to-do list this fall.

Then again, he never dreamed he would be the winner of the Golf For a Year in Myrtle Beach sweepstakes, which included a round at TPC Myrtle Beach with Johnson.

When Swanson received an email informing him he had won Golf For a Year, it didn’t move to the top of his priority list – who hasn’t received a message guaranteeing a prize of some sort? But Swanson recalled entering a random drawing contest that promised 12 4-night, 4-round Myrtle Beach golf trips so he eventually opened the email and was informed that he had won the drawing.

Still skeptical, he checked out Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday’s website, contacted the Better Business Bureau, and before he knew it, the Pittsburgh resident claimed the greatest giveaway in golf travel.

“I was shocked,” Swanson said of the realization that he won.

The shock didn’t wear off quickly when Swanson got a look at what he is going to receive. In addition to the monthly trip to Myrtle Beach to play the courses of his choosing and the round with Johnson, the other prizes include:

– Round trip airfare for Swanson and a friend.
– Deluxe ccommodations each month.
– A custom fit set of clubs for Swanson and a friend.
– A trip to one of Myrtle Beach’s best golf schools.
– Rental car and food allowance when he is in town.

With his bounty secured, Swanson’s buddies are jockeying to accompany him to GolfTown, USA.

“I’m trying to lineup bribes to see who gets to go (with me),” Swanson said with a laugh.

Swanson has only been playing golf for seven years, but he fell in love with the game from the start. He estimated that he played 50-70 rounds a year – and squeezed in three trips to Myrtle Beach – during his first six years.

A pair of life changing events – marriage and fatherhood – have limited him to 15 rounds this year but enhanced his excitement about going to Myrtle Beach.

Swanson is working to select a date to play with Johnson later this year.

“If that’s all I won, that would be great,” he said. “I’ve never seen the pros play, so I’m looking forward to being on the course with someone with that talent. He can laugh at us.”

Johnson may get a laugh or two, but the rest of us will be green with envy.