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Vice Golf Ready to Fill Void Left by Demise of Costco Golf Balls

January 23, 2017 by Chris King

Costco introduced its Kirkland Signature golf ball to the market in late 2016 and they became an industry phenomenon, selling out almost instantly. 

Vice Golf Ball The balls were in such demand that they were selling for two or three times the retail cost ($14.99 per dozen) on eBay. The Kirkland Signature model received rave reviews from My Golf Spy and some thought it reasonably approximated Titleist’s much pricier ProV1

But, alas, it appears this shooting star across the golf ball galaxy was too good to be true. 

According to a My Golf Spy Report, Costco has suspended production of the Kirkland Signature ball and it’s unlikely to return. 

Don’t despair, there is another low cost, high-quality ball manufacturer ready to step into the void – Vice Golf

The German-based company has also received reviews, but only sells its product online, eliminating the middle man and keeping costs low. The lack of a retail presence has contributed to the ball remaining, to some degree, in the shadows. 

It’s time for that to change. 

Vice offers three different lines – the Pro, Tour and Drive – and rewards players for buying in bulk. The Vice Pro, which earned a Gold Medal on Golf Digest’s prestigious Hot List, sells for $34.95 per dozen, but by five and the price drops to $25 per. 

The pricing structure works the same for Tour and Drive models as well. 

The Pro, which is designed for low handicap, high swing speed players, has been compared favorably to the ProV1. 

As a mid-handicapper, I took the Vice survey, before my first purchase, and the Tour model was recommended to me. I ordered five dozen at a cost of $80 - $16 per dozen – and the balls have been as advertised.

The Vice Tour, which has a three-piece construction, travels as far as any ball I’ve played with, has proven plenty durable (until it’s inevitably lost) and provides a soft feel around the greens. 

I couldn’t be happier with them.

The Drive, cost less than $11 per dozen, if ordered in increments of five or more. 

So, while everyone discusses the apparent demise of the Kirkland Signature ball, Vice offers a similar discount and performance. 

Take the plunge. You won’t be disappointed.