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Heritage Club

478 Heritage Dr. · Pawleys Island SC, 29585

With sprawling live oak trees and marshlands teeming with native wildlife, Heritage embodies all things Lowcountry. You better bring your putting A-game, because the greens on this Dan Maples layout can be a menace. See if you can pass this test on your next trip to Myrtle Beach.

Course Highlights

  • This par 71 course was ranked among the “50 Best Public Courses in America” by Golf Digest.
  • Heritage features spacious, rolling fairways and large, undulating greens, surrounded by lush stands of crepe myrtle, camellias and azaleas.
  • Built on the site of the True Blue and Midway plantations, Heritage reflects a history of gracious, tasteful living.

Course Details


Slope Rating

Course Rating

Location: South
Designer: Dan Maples
Rating: 74.8
Slope: 144
Distance: 7,005 from Championship tees


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Legends 5 Fore 4 Package Special

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We are working hard to get everything where it needs to be. Heathland will be open tomorrow and we anticipate Moorland and Parkland to open Friday.
Resort operations are in tact and front desk should be available until 5:00 today to answer any questions.
Forecast looks great for golf!!!!!


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Hate to say it, but looks like they only want to tell you what they want! They won’t tell you it is cart path only or how the other 2 courses are or even how the units fared - someone that is an owner of a ground floor asked and got no response!

What's the status of Oyster Bay and Heritage Club?

Great news. How’s Heritage?

We are supposed to go to Legends on Sunday but with all the rain you have had and it is supposed to rain quite a bit next week (the report is 4 of the 7 days next week 10 to 15 mm a Day) .cane courses take that much,.if it does rain that will the course playable without cart path only

Can I call 500 times a day when reopening to ask if cart path only.....oh wait, I’m sure that will happen without my calls

UK regular customer. I think you guys do a great job. How can you take so much flak when the root problem is a bloody hurricane. I’ll be booking our next trip in October

Ross, I asked and was answered in a very quickly considering the circumstances. As far as CPO, you need to get your head out of your ass.

For those who are driving into Myrtle Beach from the east: www.myrtlebeachonline.com/news/local/article218494910.html

Not too downplay the major damage and adverse impact that Florence had in many areas in and around Horry County... but please enjoy the following video below. LOL!!! Just in case some of you may not have seen this short viral video below from 9/14/18, filmed here in Myrtle Beach, I wanted to share it here. This location is near the Grand Dunes area, which is about 20 - 25 minutes from the Legends. I have a bad feeling that this may taint my perception of any future similar videos and weather reports. m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10158220173071980&id=542096979

Are the courses going to be cart path only next week

Tyson Powers Jon Larson Chad Daniels good news for the October trip.

On my way

How did Oyster Bay fare?

C'est bon ça Tommy Dugas

Duane Nash

Scott Lang

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The non-stop rain yesterday and last night has hindered our progress in getting operations back up.
Legends Dr is still passable although it does have some standing water.
Parkland Dr is currently impassable behind 9 green but that should subside by morning.
With the recent change we will not be able to open tomorrow and will hope to have at least 18 holes open Wednesday.
The 24-hour forecast shows favorable weather for us to keep working to get things back to normal.
We will continue to update as best we can.


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My husband and I own 4582D on Girvan Dr. Would someone be able to tell me if there’s flooding there?Live in RI and can’t get a hold of anyone. Any info would be greatly appreciated! 🙏

Hello! We have a first floor condo on Girvan Drive. Has water reached the 1st floor units at all? We live in Jersey and have our beautiful condo as a family vac spot. I appreciate any update that u can provide us. Thank you! Stay safe!!

Why is no one answering the phone? Set to arrive on Wednesday .

Any news on Oyster Bay? Or expected open dates?

I tried several times today myself and got no one to answer the phone, other than the pro shop. We are set to arrive Wednesday ourselves.

Good afternoon, any updates on Legends and Parkland drive?

Our group is set to arrive on Wednesday as well. Any chance Spenser is available?

From Wednesday's 9/19/18 Sun News website: www.myrtlebeachonline.com/news/local/article218530340.html

Stay safe.

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3 days ago

Legends Golf & Resort

The three courses at Legends made it through the storm pretty much unscathed. We started the cleanup process today and will continue tomorrow. We anticipate Heathland and Moorland to open Tuesday and Parkland a day or two after.
The golf shop will be open from 8-12 tomorrow for tee times and additional questions.

The three courses at Legends made it through the storm pretty much unscathed. We started the cleanup process today and will continue tomorrow. We anticipate Heathland and Moorland to open Tuesday and Parkland a day or two after.
The golf shop will be open from 8-12 tomorrow for tee times and additional questions.Image attachment


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wow, really. I would think the Legions golf course would be more concerned with the surrounding people's homes and business that maybe in distress and thinking about someone coming out to play golf. show some respect that you request when people are on your courses.

How about Heritage?

How’s legends drive?

Glen Weber people spend thousands to plan trips to go visit the legends and I happen to be one of them. To imply that the Legends doesnt care about the community because they posted this is rediculous. I truly appreciate it Legends and cant wait to see you on Thursday! Thanks for the EXCEPTIONAL communication

We're gonna be down there in early october. Glad to hear about the 3 courses... How about Oyster-bay and Heritage?

Thanks to all the hard work from our maintenance crews throughout the year, who keep the courses in good shape to begin with. Also thanks to all of our good people who work hard along with maintenance in bringing about any problems with the courses and facilities.

great news. Any update from Oyster Bay? Coming down 10/3 for the first time, cannot wait!

Great News. I assume Oyster Bay may take a bit more time . See you in November!!

Great job crew

Maureen Martin Dawn Zolitor Martin tell your hubbys it is looking good!

Anthony Stone Mickey Harris its on

Douglas Thornton we getting a rain check

Matt Biddington thanks for the updates - greatly appreciated. And Glen Weber - kindly GFYS.

The buildings in the golf course did very well given the strength of the wind and rain.

Awesome!!! See you in March!

Any additional updates this morning?

Prayers work Teddy Ray. Your friends spoke to the Big Huy for you.

Any word on the Turnberry condos

Great news. See you at end of October

How did Oyster Bay make out?

Thank god, 3 more weeks

Good news - see you in November 🏌️‍♂️

Any word on oyster bay yet?

Awesome!! Glad to hear!!

Wow so fortunate

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All Legends Resort golf courses are closed in preparation for Hurricane Florence. Be safe. ...

All Legends Resort golf courses are closed in preparation for Hurricane Florence. Be safe.


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We had to cut our stay short today but we will return next year. Everyone stay safe

Be safe hoping for a fast return.

Best of luck from your Florida friends. Hunker down.

Everyone there take cover and be safe. We will see you all in the spring for sure

I don’t think the heavy stuff will come down for awhile!

We're coming down from Montreal on october 5th. We hope everything will be fine... Our thoughts are with you... Will we get an update if there's a lot of damages on the courses?

My luck the hurricane winds would be in my face for my drives anyways...

Hoping for the best! We arrive Oct. 11th and really looking forward to it!!! Finger crossed!

We have reservation for oct 31st. Hope all is well and nobody gets hurt.

Hope all of myrtle beach residents the best and that Florence doesn't cause damage to anyone

Bushwoods would never close

Looking forward to the Legends courses now open message

Hope to see you all again soon. Stay safe.

We arrive October 22 here’s hoping

Let me know if you need any cleanup help.

Everyone stay safe

Be safe all.....

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Mike Dunn

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