Golf Instruction Zone and Myrtle Beach Golf Schools

These Myrtle Beach golf schools can turn your golf trip into a game-changer:

Featured Golf Schools:

Lower your handicap, fine-tune your advanced skills, or build a solid foundation for a golf game that will serve you for a lifetime. Contact these golf schools to get started, or check out a few of their recent video golf tips:


Myrtle Beach Golf Instruction Zone Free Video Tips:

Get a Grip on Your Grip
3 Tips for More Power
Pivot + Posture = Power
Cure Your Slice
Stretch for Success!
Keep Head-Hands-Hips Quiet
Shape Your Shots
Eliminate Chunking / Topping
Escape a Fairway Bunker
Inexpensive Short Putt Drill
Start Right Finish Right Drill
Bath Towel Chipping Drill

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