Paige Spiranac: Why I Use Alignment Sticks

During her most recent visit to the Grand Strand, professional golfer and media personality Paige Spiranac took time out to offer some advice on how we can improve our game. This video tip focuses on effective use of alignment sticks.



I post a lot of videos on social media, as you know, and most people comment on my alignment sticks. What are they, why are they important, and how can I use them? So these are my alignment sticks. I got these in college but you can get them at any home improvement store, you can get them at golf specific shops. Basically, they’re just two sticks, nothing fancy about it.

I use these for alignment. So if I am working on my swing, my mechanics, I always use my alignment sticks, because that ensures that I’m always lined up in the same spot every single time.

So how I use these, it’s kind of tricky, because you don’t just want to throw it down. You actually want to align it perfectly to where you want to go. So I set the first one down, and we’re just going to go straight ahead at the big tree out there. Okay. So I set this one down, just throw this one down, and I use this one to make sure that it’s perfect. So I close my left eye. Usually use your most dominant eye. And you line it up, so the inside of this stick along the inside of this stick. And you want it to be like railroad tracks. So when I step back right now, this stick is lined up exactly at the target, which is not right. You actually want to be a little left of it, because this is your toe line, not where your club’s going to be.

So moving it, and I step back, and when I’m doing this, I step back, close it, line it on the inside. Okay, so I need to move it a bit more. And that is perfect. If you want to check, you can also put it down along where your club will be and make sure that it looks perfectly square. Also, if you have trouble with ball position, you can also put this club, or this stick, where you want the ball to be placed.

So say I’m hitting an 8 iron. So this is just a little forward of middle, so I put the ball down, set up, and as I can see, it’s exactly where it should be, and then you can just hit shots like that, work on that. I don’t like to do that, even though I should because I need to work on my ball position, but then I just keep this stick here, and I’ll adjust it with every target.

Or, if I want to work on hitting more fades, I will move this stick a little bit more to the left. If I want to hit draws, I’ll move the stick a little bit more to the right. But it’s really important that you always practice with alignment sticks down, because you could be hitting shots and complaining that it’s left, but you could be blind up there.

So the biggest thing that I always ask people when they’re struggling is: where are you lined up? And you know with this.

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